Michigan Giving Away Magic Stones to Job Seekers

This is no joke, and comes straight from my “old work box.” That’s the box that sits in my home office with the stuff I collected over the years as an environmental newspaper reporter guy. In the box, deposited earlier this year or so, is a small plastic baggie that contains four magic rocks, or maybe you could call them shiny stones. These are (were) being given out by Michigan Works!, the state employment agency with an exclamation point.

Allow me to quote from the card inside: “Enjoy these special gypsy stones to improve motivation, stimulate wealth, and relieve stress.”

Gypsy stones? Don’t you need a permit for that?

It goes on: “We’re not psychic, but we’re pretty darn good at helping employers recruit, retain, and retool their workforce.”

On the other side of the card, there’s a fortune teller gazing over a crystal ball and the words “Is Success ‘In The Cards’ For Your Business?”

Inside the white ball is a subtle white Michigan Works! logo.

I thought government types didn’t have a crystal ball? The next time you hear someone say that, tell them to call Michigan Works! for help.

Anyway, enjoy my little observation. And let me know if these magic stones have (or haven’t) worked for you.

Michigan’s current unemployment rate is 13.1 percent.


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