How Saginaw Bay was (probably) created, on Google Earth

I can’t seem to get enough of the Google Earth BlogA recent posting caught my eye, talking about something called the Saginaw Impact Manifold. No, it’s not part of a Michigan-built engine. It’s something that helped create Saginaw Bay, probably.

“The basic idea behind this theory is that a cosmic impact struck the eastern part of what is now known as Michigan, which spread debris across the country and created many of the Carolina bays that are out there,” the GE Blog explains.

“The impact itself carved out Saginaw Bay, creating the mitten shape that the state currently resembles.”

Notice that it didn’t help carve out the Great Lakes Bay.

Just food for thought. Enjoy the weekend, as Chinese-made fireworks light up the sky. America!

— Image credits: Google Earth Blog, AbsoluteMichigan.

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