Happy Fish, Environmental Citizenship & the Michigan Envirothon

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photo happy fish jon evans flickr
Photo by Jon Evans

Fish Passage

Fish are moving again in a Northeast Michigan trout stream.

Ten road-stream crossings over Silver Creek, a stream that flows into a tributary of Lake Huron, were recently improved by the Huron Pines conservation group.

The new culverts allow fish and other aquatic critters to move throughout the creek.

The old crossings either blocked the natural movement of fish or contributed to sediment runoff, and covered prime fish spawning areas.

The Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition calls the Silver Creek Project a success story.

The $600,000 project was also involved state, federal and private agencies. Huron Pines is headquartered in Grayling.

Patience is a Virtue

Are you a good environmental citizen?

If you’re patient, persistent and confident, the answer is yes.

Michigan State University researchers have been studying the character traits of good problem solves and deliberators.

They say that when people are talking about tough issues, like climate change and sustainability, certain virtues help discussions go more smoothly.

To be a good environmental citizen, then, you should possess virtues that make people feel included and engaged, while producing results.

That includes 14 traits, such as friendliness, empathy, courage, temperance, sincerity, humility, self-confidence, and patience.

The problem, say the researchers, is that educational system isn’t preparing people to deal with environmental issues that are sure to be increasingly discussed in years to come.

Teams Needed

The Envirothon is on.

The 2012 Canon Envirothon competition is looking for participants from Great Lakes states.

According to Great Lakes Echo, teams will compete in outdoor challenges that test their understanding of soils, land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues.

Students also can conduct volunteer projects and give presentations about their experiences.

The Michigan Envirothon program is planning regional competitions during March throughout the state, including one in Grayling and another in Lapeer.

A state competition is planned for May at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.
The national competition is held in Pennsylvania in July.

For more information, see the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts website at macd.org


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