Drinking Water Conservation and Invasive Species Identification

For May 17, 2018

1 – Drinking Water Week was celebrated earlier this month. But there’s still time to learn tips for conserving water to preserve supplies and protect resources.

The American Water Works Association, which represents water supply professionals, encourages people to practice conservation by using water wisely at home.

drinking water week logo awwa That includes repairing leaky faucets indoors and outdoors, and filling your sink when washing and rinsing dishes.

Also, you should only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full, and take short showers instead of baths.

You also can turn off the water to brush your teeth and fill the sink to shave.

Outside, put mulch around shrubs and flower beds to reduce evaporation, promote plant growth and control weeds.

More information on water conservation is available online at DrinkTap.org.

2 – It’s MISIN time.

That’s MISIN, as in Midwest Invasive Species Information Network.

The next few weeks provide the best and easiest opportunity to check lakes for new infestations of aquatic invasive species, according to Michigan Lake Stewardship Associations.

The statewide nonprofit is encouraging people to download the MISIN mobile app to their smartphones, so they can report any new infestations when they’re out on the water.

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The Midwest Invasive Species Information Network is a regional effort to develop and provide an early detection and rapid response resource for invasive species in the Midwest.

MISIN is led by researchers with Michigan State University. The goal is to assist experts and citizen scientists in the detection and identification of invasive species. 

Data collected allows for the development and implementation of effective control strategies in the region. 

To get the app, go to misin.msu.edu/

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