Landfill Waste Up, Fishing Shanties Off

For Friday, Feb. 21, 2020

1 – Michigan landfills took in more solid waste in the last fiscal year. 

The state Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy says in an annual solid waste report that there was a 6.2 percent overall increase in solid waste disposed of in Michigan landfills compared to the same period in 2018.  

Waste disposed of by Michigan residents and businesses increased by almost 8.5 percent. Waste imported from other states and Canada decreased by about 1 percent. 

Imported waste represents about 22 percent of all waste disposed of in Michigan landfills.

bird s eye view of landfill during daytime
Photo by Tom Fisk on

The largest source of waste imported into Michigan continued to be Canada, which contributed about 17 percent. Twelve states imported waste into Michigan, with the largest amount from Ohio.  

More than 43.3 million cubic yards of Michigan-based waste was disposed of in the 2019 fiscal year, from October 2018 through September 2019, compared to close to 40 million in the previous fiscal year. 

The department says it’s continuing efforts to promote increased recycling and waste reduction efforts to reduce overall waste disposal in Michigan.


2 – March 15 is the deadline to remove fishing shanties from lakes in the northern Lower Peninsula. 

That includes Bay County, along with Arenac and Iosco. 

fishing shanties, ice, michigan, great lakes
Credit: Michigan DNR

State officials warn that changing conditions mean shanties might need to be pulled out earlier, before the ice becomes too weak to support them. 

They add that people venturing onto the ice should use extreme caution as temperatures rise or fluctuate. 

Repeated thawing and refreezing weakens ice, decreasing its ability to support the additional weight of people, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles and shanties. 

Water currents and high winds also increase the probability of pressure cracks, which can leave anglers stranded on ice floes or at risk of falling through the ice.

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