Saginaw Bay Bird Counting and Beach Testing, Cedar River Cleanup

For Friday, May 15, 2020


1 – Every bird counts. 

The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy is holding a 24-hour birding derby on June 4. 

Conservancy staff will trek out to find and record as many species of bird as possible in the watershed.

The record stands at a little more than 150 species. 

The Every Bird Counts event is a fundraiser for the conservancy, where supporters pledge money per bird identified. 

purple finch bird birding michigan
A purple finch. Credit: Deb Nystrom

2 – The Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy also will be holding a virtual Conservation on Tap on May 21. 

Conservation on Tap is a monthly event where conservation-related topics are discussed. 

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 21, Chemistry professor Tami Sivy from Saginaw Valley State University will be on the program. 

Sivy runs a lab of faculty and students who perform microbial testing to determine beach closings.  

Annual beach testing is set to begin shortly after Memorial Day. 

You may RSVP to for details and sign-on information for the discussion, which will take place using the Zoom conference app.


3 – The Gladwin Conservation District will be cleaning up the Cedar River.

cedar river log obstruction michigan
Credit: Gladwin Conservation District

The district was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from the Gladwin County Community Foundation. 

The project aims to relocate obstructions like logs along a 10-mile stretch of the Cedar River from the city of Gladwin to the city of Beaverton. 

The obstructions prevent recreation along that stretch of river. The river includes one of the only stretches of Blue-Ribbon Trout Stream in the Saginaw Bay watershed. 

The project also includes reforestation efforts aided by volunteers and students from Beaverton and Gladwin schools, and workshops for landowners on wise forest management and conservation practices. 

The Gladwin Conservation District has now raised more than $20,000 to support the project. They are partnering with Little Forks Conservancy of Midland. 


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