Monarchs Endangered, EGLE Boosted, Heat Online

For Friday, July 29, 2022


1 – If you’ve seen a monarch butterfly this summer, you may be lucky. 

Migrating monarch butterflies are now listed as endangered, or just a couple of steps from being extinct. 

monarch butterfly
The migratory monarch butterfly. Credit: Joe Schelling

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature recently added the monarch to its “red list” of threatened species, categorizing it as endangered

University of Michigan professor Mark Hunter says the listing is an important step in protecting the butterfly species; the migratory monarch butterfly is a subspecies of the monarch butterfly. 

The professor says scientists at the U of M Biological Station have measured “precipitous declines” in monarch populations over the past couple of decades. 

The professor says that, like many migratory species, monarchs are exposed to multiple environmental threats as they make their journey between the United States and Mexico. 

Habitat loss, climate change and disease transmission all impact migrating monarchs.

2 – Michigan’s environmental agency has received a boost in funding. 

A new state fiscal budget approved earlier this month includes $729 million for the general fund of the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. That’s a 31 percent increase. 

The new budget, beginning Oct. 1, also creates the equivalent of more than 50 full-time positions to address issues including drinking water, wastewater and air permitting, and contaminated site cleanup. 

Another seven limited-term positions will address federal infrastructure funding for energy efficiency grants and to close old oil and natural gas wells throughout the state. 

The department says it invests more than half of its budget to assist local governments. 

H/T Michigan EIBC

3 – The Biden administration has launched a new website at 

It’s to help the public and decision-makers understand and reduce the health risks of extreme heat. 

Officials say extreme heat has been the greatest weather-related cause of death in the United States for the past 30 years. That’s more than hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding or extreme cold. includes maps, data and information such as health forecasts, a national climate and health outlook, and a heat and health tracker. There’s also information about heat and health program funding opportunities along with help for at-risk communities. 

A particularly hot day for the Saginaw Bay area of Michigan on July 19, 2022. Credit:

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