LED Bulbs, State Energy Efficiency and Oktoberforest Beer Campaign

For Friday, Oct. 14, 2022


1 – Almost half of U.S. households are now using LED, or light-emitting diode, bulbs. 

According to the most recent results from a federal survey, about 47 percent use LEDs for most or all of their indoor lighting in 2020. 

That 47 percent is up from only 4 percent of households that used LEDs in 2015. 

The more-efficient and longer-lasting LEDs are outpacing CFL, or compact fluorescent bulbs, which are used by about 12 percent of households these days. 

Old-fashioned incandescents and halogen bulbs are still used by about 15 percent of households. 

From the office of Mr. Great Lakes. Credit: Jeff Kart

2 – Speaking of energy efficiency, Michigan has committed to reducing energy use in all current and future state buildings. 

Officials say energy efficiency is the cheapest, quickest, and cleanest way to meet Michigan’s energy needs, avoid dangerous pollution and reduce utility bills.

The state has a Catalyst Communities Initiative that promotes efficiency through grants and funding opportunities for lighting retrofits, equipment upgrades and other energy-related projects.

Example communities include the city of Midland, which has replaced its incandescent traffic lights with LEDs. 

The LEDs are said to have greater light intensity, making them easier to see even when the sun is shining on them.

3 – Thumb Brewery is among those participating on Oktoberforest. 

Also from the office of Mr. Great Lakes.

That’s Oktober with a k, and forest. Oktoberforest is a joint effort by The Nature Conservancy in Michigan and the Michigan Brewers Guild. 

It’s meant to highlight the important role of healthy forests in clean water. 

Just over half of Michigan is forested. About 40 percent of the world’s usable water is stored and filtered through forests. 

Water is a key ingredient in beer, along with grain, hops and yeast. 

The Michigan Brewers Guild includes 400 members. Michigan brewers use water to help brew almost 850,000 barrels of craft beer every year.

Participating breweries like the Thumb Brewery in Caseville will have table tents on display this month with information on the Oktoberforest campaign

– Mr. Great Lakes is heard Friday mornings in Bay City, Michigan, on Delta College Public Radio 90.1 FM (listen live). Follow @jeffkart on Twitter #MrGreatLakes


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