Climate by the Numbers, Building Resilient Communities

For Friday, Dec. 16, 2022


1 – State officials say Michigan’s future counts on climate action. 

By the numbers: The state has a long-range goal to be 100 percent carbon-neutral by 2050. 

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Three degrees Fahrenheit is the rise in Michigan’s average temperature since 1900. 

Four to $11 dollars is the amount Michigan will reportedly save in avoiding future damages for each dollar it commits to climate adaptation. 

Five is the number of sectors of greenhouse gas emission sources. The two largest are energy production at 29 percent and transportation at 25 percent. 

Six is the number of actions areas in a 2030 state roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than half from 2005 levels. That includes generating 60 percent of the state’s electricity from renewable resources.

For more, see a MI Healthy Climate Plan online at

2 – Speaking of adaptation, coastal communities in Michigan can benefit from a Resilient Michigan Collaborative. 

The partnership is between the Michigan Coastal Management Program and nonprofit Land Information Access Association.

The state says the natural cycling of Great Lakes water levels is a prime example of the need for adaptability in coastal communities. Officials say it’s best achieved by doing resiliency planning in advance.

The collaborative gives matching mini-grants to coastal communities to analyze master plans and zoning ordinances. 

That includes creating recommendations for flood risk mapping, shoreline erosion mapping and best practices to improve the sustainability of coastal communities. 

More information is available at

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