Bay City State Park 100th Birthday, Great Lakes Literacy, Long-Distance EV Travel

For Friday, Feb. 10, 2023


1 – The Bay City State Park is 100 years old.

The nonprofit Friends of Bay City State Park group says several events are planned to celebrate the centennial at the park, located in Bay County’s Bangor Township. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

According to an official description, the Bay City State Park boasts one of the largest remaining freshwater, coastal wetlands on the Great Lakes, known as Tobico Marsh. 

The park features more than 1,000 feet of sandy beach and nearly 2,400 acres including wetlands and prairies. These make the park an ideal staging area for migratory birds. 

The park also includes a campground. 

A park visitor center is closed for renovations to a reception area, exhibit hall, roof and siding, and the addition of a new science lab. It’s set to reopen in June, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

2 – What does Great Lake literacy mean? 

A Great Lakes literate person understands, can communicate about, and is able to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the Great Lakes and its watersheds.


That’s according to the Center for Great Lakes Literacy, a collaborative effort led by Sea Grant educators around the region. 

There are learning opportunities for teachers and students. 

That includes a free collection of resources and partners available to help explore Great Lakes Literacy through place-based education and stewardship opportunities in schools and communities. 

Topics include coastal erosion, marine debris and vernal pools. 

For more information, see 

3 – A road map for new fast-charging electric vehicle stations runs right through the Bay City area. 

A snippet from the roadmap. Via Great Plains Institute

The road map and analysis is from a startup called Carbon Solutions and a nonprofit called the Great Plains Institute

They say the United States needs more than 1,100 additional new fast-charging stations to create a network capable of supporting long-distance EV travel. 

Bay City already has a compliant station, according to the report. New stations are recommended in locations including near West Branch and in Harrison. 

The report authors say there’s increased federal funding available for expanding charging access. The analysis is intended as a resource for state governments, private sector charging companies and others.

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